Call Your Congressional Representatives

These days, calling your Congressional representatives is the most effective means of reaching them with your advocacy efforts. Look-up phone numbers for your representatives in your district by entering your address below. Here are some tips for talking to lawmakers:

  • Introduce yourself and tell them why you’re calling. Most lawmakers get hundreds (or more) messages every day, so be direct about why you’re calling right away. For example: “My name is John and I’m calling to express my support for Bill SR 23.”
  • Make it personal. Tell them why the bill, policy, or issue at hand matters to you, and remind them why it matters to their district. “I’ve lived in your district in Montana for 10 years. I’m an avid rock climber and a small business owner. These mountains are a huge part of why I settled here and opened my business in town. Protecting this area permanently will have a major impact on my business, and my quality of life as a Montana resident.”
  • Request their support directly. And if they’ve done anything that deserves a pat on the back, make sure to give it to them. “You’ve been a great advocate for our public lands. I trust that you will do everything in your power to support the effort to permanently protect this place.”