2021 Climbing Education Video Grant

Access Fund invites its affiliated local climbing organization (LCO) and climbing affinity group partners to apply for a 2021 Climbing Education Video Grant to aid in the production of educational video content that inspires and informs local climbers to recreate responsibly.

Access Fund will award grants of $2,500 to $5,000 dollars to support climber education video projects. While a portion of the grant (up to one-third of the total) may be used to support existing educational programs, such as gym-to-crag or youth-focused educational programming, grant recipients must produce one or more professional quality video(s) that advance practical, everyday solutions for low-impact, sustainable climbing, and address common climbing-use behaviors and impacts. It is expected that the bulk of grant funds (two-thirds or more) will be applied to the direct costs of creating and producing professional-quality, shareable video(s).

Grant Application
Application Deadline: June 25, 2021
Award Notification: July 27, 2021
Access Fund Contact: [email protected]
Deliverable Deadline: One year from award date

The Need

Climbing is exploding in popularity. As our community grows, so do our impacts, good and bad. Many of these impacts are positive, but some are unsustainable and can lead to conflicts or, even worse, closed climbing areas. At many crags and boulder fields around the country, COVID-19 has contributed to issues of overcrowding and potentially unsustainable levels of use.

As climbers, our small, everyday decisions and behaviors add up and can make an enormous difference. That’s why education is a critical tool in our mission to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment for all climbers. Setting an example, mentoring, and providing consistent messages that promote everyday best practice climbing behaviors will ensure that climbing activity is low-impact, sustainable, and ultimately positive.

For the future of our climbing areas and our community, it’s essential that we welcome new and old climbers alike with a common, shared message and collective commitment to be responsible users of the outdoor climbing environment.

James Q Martin
Photo by James Q. Martin

Grant Purpose and Guidelines

To navigate this challenge and instill a responsible outdoor climbing ethic, Access Fund’s 2021 Climbing Education Video Grant has three primary goals:

  • Partner with LCOs and other climbing affinity groups to promote nationally coordinated, locally based messaging that promotes low-impact climbing and The Climber’s Pact, and inspires the climbing community to put into practice these low-impact, sustainable climbing behaviors;
  • Help with the creation of engaging, professional-quality video content that addresses pressing climbing impact topics within the applicant organization’s coverage area; and
  • Increase the capacity of local organizations, and highlight the innovative educational programs currently being delivered in local climbing communities.

Education Content Examples

Specific topic areas might include: litter and trash, human waste, parking, wildlife and raptors, vegetation, dogs, gear sprawl, hammocks, protecting sacred sites and cultural resources, overcrowding, noise (yelling, loud music), user conflict, gym-to-crag transition, chalk and tick marks, respecting private land/trespassing, responsible trail use, JEDI issues, mentorship, and fostering a welcoming and inclusive climbing community.

Check out the video and other content examples below to get your creative juices flowing and gain a better sense of the topic area. We encourage videos that creatively promote The Climber’s Pact, LNT practices, or additional locally relevant best practices.

Eligibility and Requirements

  • Preference will be given to Access Fund affiliated nonprofit local climbing organizations focused on climbing access and conservation, and other Access Fund partner organizations;
  • Topics for education content should fit into one of three broad categories: natural resources; cultural resources; and social impacts/issues.
  • Proposals must demonstrate incorporation of Access Fund’s The Climber’s Pact themes, content, and materials. Leave No Trace practices and other additional, community-supported best practices that the applicant may know to be locally relevant and important;
  • Applicants must be able to share videos through their media channels; collaborate with Access Fund staff on video content and direction; co-brand content with Access Fund; and follow Access Fund’s lead on timing and release of videos and other deliverables supported by this grant;
  • While Access Fund may be able to recommend qualified videographers and storytellers, applicants with contacts and/or prior experience producing video content with qualified creative professionals are preferred;
  • Native land acknowledgement must be included in videos;
  • To maximize reach and educational impact, preference will be given to video proposals that are one minute or shorter, and are friendly for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Longer form video proposals are also acceptable; they should be a maximum of three minutes, and may be required to include an accompanying written article for release.
  • Applicants should provide an organizational statement or explanation about how they are taking justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) into account, internally or externally. Visit here for more information on JEDI.

Grant Application and Administration

Grant applications will be reviewed and approved by an Access Fund staff committee. Payments will be made within 30 days of award notification. However, Access Fund has the discretion to set the schedule. Grant recipients will provide a midway report via email or teleconference and a final written report narrative to Access Fund.

Ready to Apply?

Click here to download the grant application.

Send your completed application to [email protected] by June 25th.