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Climbing Conservation Grant Program
Anchor Replacement Fund

Climbing Conservation Grant Program

The Access Fund’s Climbing Conservation Grant Program funds projects that preserve or enhance climbing access and opportunities and conserve the climbing environment throughout the US. Since inception in 1991, Access Fund has funded over $1 million to local organizations, climbers, and public agencies (see our Grant History).

Because we're a member supported non-profit organization, we fund projects that demonstrate local climber support, collaboration with land managers, and a commitment to long-term change. If you are interested in applying for a grant, your group's efforts should be quantifiable, with specific objectives, a detailed budget, and measures for evaluating success. Most grant requests range from $1,000 to $4,000. The Access Fund considers requests for over $10,000, but these projects should have national significance and utilize a high degree of matching funds.

Grant Guidelines and Application Process
Grant Application

Who can apply:

We welcome applications from local climbing organizations, government agencies, conservation organizations, land trusts, and individuals. Tax exempt 501(c)(3) status is not a prerequisite. Individuals are required to report grant money as income. Only one proposal from an organization will be considered per year. Applications from organizations that have never received Access Fund funding will be given priority over applications from past grant recipients.

We fund work that:

  • is action-oriented
  • builds local climber involvement and support
  • is strategic in its targeting and goals
  • accomplishes specific goals and objectives that can be effectively measured
  • takes place in the United States
  • encourages access or enhance opportunities for climbing
  • develops knowledge about natural and cultural resource values where the information is used to open climbing areas or mitigate climbing impacts
  • reduces climber impacts on natural and cultural resources within the climbing environment
  • raises awareness about climber responsibility toward conserving the climbing environment
  • is supported by the climbing community
  • utilizes matching agency or local funds (ideally this will be at least 50%)
  • incorporates a degree of volunteer labor and/or pro bono services
  • research projects that increase our scientific understanding of climbing impacts, climber behavior, and economic impacts, and further improve best practices for climbing management. All projects must have a clear plan for distributing and communicating the results.

We do not fund:

  • fixed anchors, bolts, bolt installation, etc. (see Anchor Replacement Fund for replacement projects)
  • outdoor programs (e.g. taking groups climbing, at-risk programs, youth groups)
  • climbing equipment
  • marketing or membership recruitment
  • facility construction (e.g. indoor climbing walls, artificial climbing facilities, ice parks)
  • political campaigns

Additional considerations:

  • Projects must benefit a technical climbing area, such as rock, ice, and alpine routes where climbers commonly rope up or bouldering areas.
  • Any proposal for facilities, trail work, or installation of signage on public lands requires land owner/manager permission and support.
  • Funds for paid professional services and travel stipends are limited and at the discretion of the grant committee (e.g. professional trail crews).
  • If requesting funds for a land acquisition or for grant requests over $10,000, please call the Access Fund at 303-545-6772 before submitting your application for additional considerations.

Applicants must review the detailed Grant Guidelines and Application Process to ensure the project qualifies and follows the application process. Submit a Grant Application by the following deadlines:

Winter Deadline: March 1st

Summer Deadline: August 1st

The Access Fund is also proud to work closely with the American Alpine Club's Cornerstone Conservation Grant Program. For larger projects, consider matching a Climbing Conservation Grant with a Cornerstone Conservation Grant.

Please direct any questions and e-mail grant applications to

Anchor Replacement Fund

The Access Fund and the American Alpine Club launched the Anchor Replacement Fund to address the growing concerns of anchor failure and the access issues that could result from these incidents. Across the United States, bolts installed in the 80s and 90s are aging, and there is an immediate need to address inadequate fixed anchors and increase support for local and national partners leading these efforts. This program is made possible by the generous support of Climb Tech, Petzl and Trango.

We invite local climbing and anchor replacement organizations to seek funding and support for anchor replacement initiatives at their local climbing area. Grant applications are reviewed by a team of experts from the Access Fund, American Alpine Club, and anchor replacement community. Grant applicants are expected to demonstrate both need and support from the local community. Please review the grant guidelines below to ensure that your project qualifies before applying.

Anchor Replacement Fund Grant Application

Who can apply:

We welcome applications from local climbing organizations and anchor replacement groups.

We fund work that:

  • Replaces bolts or fixed anchors on established routes (no new route development)
  • Uses 1/2 inch stainless bolts where power drills are allowed or3/8 inch if hand drilled
  • Demonstrates community support, compatible land use regulations, respect for local ethics and history, and a well-laid out plan and budget
  • Is in the United States

We do not fund:

  • Applications from individuals
  • Bolts for new routes or route development
  • 3/8 inch or less, non-stainless bolts and hangers
  • Anchor replacement projects that fail to address or lack community support, compatible land use regulations, respect for local ethics and history, and a well-laid out plan and budget.
  • Anchor replacement projects outside the United States

We encourage applicants to review Access Fund’s Resource Center for Fixed Anchors, which provides a rich set of resources on anchor replacement techniques, tools, and additional resources, including the Access Fund and American Alpine Club’s joint policy on fixed anchors.

Annual Application Deadline: September 15th

Please direct any questions and e-mail grant applications to