Jim Ghiselli Scholarship Fund

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
John Dickey | Hueco Tanks, TX

Jim Ghiselli always strived to excel in life. As a friend, father, husband, lawyer, surfer and not least of all, as a climber, Jim gave it his all. For Jim, being a climber meant being part of the tribe, sharing friendships, passion and knowledge with those who had years of experience and many who had just begun to discover what climbing was about. He climbed towers in the desert, clipped bolts on hard lines, swung tools up steep ice, and loved alpine adventures. As much as climbing gave to Jim, he gave back. As a Regional Coordinator for the Access Fund from its earliest days, Jim was instrumental in securing North Table Mountain aka Golden Cliffs as a climbing resource forever. He also spent many hours learning about the ins and outs of conservation and climbing management, as well as ensuring others learned as well. Sadly we lost this mentor and friend too soon.

In honor of Jim's contributions, the Jim Ghiselli Scholarship Fund has been established to provide financial support to climbers seeking this knowledge and experience. The Access Fund, and other organizations and governmental agencies regularly hold conferences throughout the country to share lessons learned, and educate climbers on valuable resources, relating to conservation and climbing management. For many climbers, the interest is strong but the cost of attending may be prohibitive. The Jim Ghiselli Scholarship Fund will offer climbers the chance to attend such conferences and continue the legacy of learning and teaching Jim passionately embraced.

Donate to the Jim Ghiselli Scholarship Fund and help continue his legacy of climbing advocacy.