Image Card Instructions

This is a cool promo tile that we can embed in website content going forward. I'm thinking it'll be best used for:

  • Joint Membership promotion (on news and blog content that is LCO heavy)
  • Match Campaign promotion (a specific card for the match, deployed temporarily during match window)

This element is a little tricky to embed in a way that looks nice in the site design. The the best way I've found is to employ the "Two Column" CMS feature. Pick a spot in the story copy, at least halfway down, where a CTA like this would nestle into the flow of content. Put your story copy in the left column, then embed the widget code in the right column.

Then just continue your news or blog story content below in a regular body copy block. This is the JM Image Card code you'd past into the right column: <a href="#XLYSHMKA" style="display: none"></a>

The image card will not be visible on the backend of Craft while you're building, but if you take a look at the preview, you should see it.