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©Merrick Ales | Pace Bend, TX

Despite being home to a vast quantity of climbing resources, only 5% of land in Texas is public.

There is a significant opportunity to open privately owned climbing resources in the state, as well as a compelling need to protect the precious public climbing resources like Hueco Tanks, the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and Belton Lake. Access Fund has made a significant commitment to these goals by launching its Access Fund Texas program in the Lone Star State.

Expand and protect climbing opportunities on both private and public lands in the state of Texas through policy work, landowner agreements and risk management support, stewardship and conservation, education, and—when appropriate—even land acquisition.

Bouldering in Hueco Tanks, TexasPhoto: Hueco Tanks | © John Dickey

Since its launch in 2017, Access Fund has:

  • Successfully lobbied for legislation that adds liability protections for landowners who open up their property to the public for rock climbing.
  • Joined a coalition of conservation and recreation groups and successfully lobbied for a state constitutional amendment to fully fund state parks like Enchanted Rock, Hueco Tanks, McKinney Falls and many others to be placed on the November ballot.
  • Permanently protected the much-missed Medicine Wall in San Antonio by assisting the transfer of ownership to the Texas Climbers Coalition. Access Fund now holds the conservation easement to this area.
  • Collaborated with the City of Austin and Balcones Canyonlands Preserve to clarify language in the public access plan for both the Greenbelt and Bull Creek climbing areas so that climbing is recognized as an approved activity.
  • Engaged the growing climbing population in Texas through outreach, education, and stewardship events to ensure responsible use of both public and private climbing resources.


  • Continue work with landowners, public and private, throughout the state to find ways to increase public access for climbers.
  • Pursue an MOU with the Army Corps of Engineers to protect the countless climbing areas they own.
  • Expand outreach efforts through our Community Ambassador program.

To learn more about Access Fund Texas, including how to support our efforts, contact Brian Tickle, Texas Regional Director at [email protected]. You may also sign up for enews blasts to receive updates on our work in Texas.

Rock climbing at Reimer's Ranch outside Austin, Texas
Photo courtesy of © Merrick Ales | Reimer's Ranch, TX