Our Impact

We invite you to explore our work across the country to protect America's climbing. This map is currently under construction—check back often for new updates.

Our Approach

  • Stewardship

    We work with climbers all across the country to manage climber impacts—like erosion, human waste, and trash—to assure the integrity of our climbing areas. Learn More »

  • Policy & Advocacy

    Over 60% of climbing is on public land. We work with policy makers in Washington and land managers across the country to protect access to, and integrity of, climbing areas. Learn More »

  • Land Acquisition

    Sometimes the only way to save a threatened climbing area is to buy it. Privately owned climbing areas can go up for sale at any time. And we must act quickly to save them. Learn More »

  • Risk Management

    We give land owners tools and strategies to mitigate the risks (real and perceived) of climbing, giving them the confidence and protections to open their land to public access. Learn More »

  • Local Support & Mobilization

    When a climbing access issue occurs, the first and best line of defense is the local climbers who are familiar with the area and the issues. We work to empower those locals. Learn More »

  • Climber Education

    Part of being a skilled climber is being a responsible user of the climbing environment. We arm climbers with knowledge and tools to help them reduce their impact. Learn More »

  • Grants

    We fund conservation and bolt replacement projects that preserve or enhance access to and stewardship of climbing areas in the United States. Learn More »

  • Bolt Replacement

    As the huge number of bolts placed during the climbing revolution of the 80s and 90s reach their 20th or 30th birthdays, the stories of bolt failure are sure to increase. At Access Fund, we are on a mission to help locals replace aging bolts. Learn More »

Ongoing Battles

Most access issues can be resolved in a reasonable time frame. But sometimes a climbing area has unique challenges or issues that can take years or even decades to resolve. Although these battles can be arduous for local climbers, we remain committed to these climbing areas and issues.
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Lessons Learned

Sometimes, no matter how hard we fight, access battles don't go our way. In the last quarter century, climbers have lost a handful of epic battles. But in each loss, we’ve grown stronger, smarter, and better prepared for the next challenge.
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