The Route to 2020

A healthy democracy is necessary for the protection of our cherished outdoor landscapes. It gives all Americans—including you—a voice in the care and protection of our environment, and it's where Access Fund does the work of protecting climbing areas. Every four years we have an opportunity to defend our unique democracy and the outdoors with our votes. Stand with us by engaging in the 2020 election.

Defend Democracy, Defend the Outdoors

Stand with us—and the outdoor community at large—and pledge to vote this November. We’ll send you critical election reminders and mail you a 2020 Climbing Advocate sticker.
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The fight for America’s public lands is constantly evolving, but the one constant is that the front line is in Washington, D.C., among our elected officials—which means we have the ability to make an impact with our votes. The climbing community is a passionate and powerful force—and we can make a difference. Are you ready?

Public Lands Need You

Climbers need lawmakers who will support public lands. We need your vote.

November 6, 2020