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3 Easy Ways to Fight for Climbing This Month

Did you know that 1 in 5 climbing areas in the United States is threatened? Whether it's private land lost to development, public land managers over-regulating climbing, or climber impacts degrading the environment, the list of threats is long and constantly evolving. Here are 3 easy ways you can help fight for climbing this month:

1. Sign the petition to let climbers tackle stewardship

The problem: Many of our climbing areas are falling apart. But public land managers are so mired in bureaucratic red tape that it can take years for us to get approval for climbers to help improve these areas.
How this petition will help: There are several bills being drafted now that will streamline approval processes for public lands. Sign the petition to show land managers that climbers are ready to partner.

2. Support the cause with Long Live Public Lands t-shirt

The problem: A growing movement of law and policy makers have launched a systematic attack on our public lands, home to 60% of climbing in the US.
How this t-shirt will help: This shirt proudly shows climbers’ support of our public lands, and all proceeds help fund our fight to protect public climbing areas.

3. Watch this video about how to poop in a bag

The problem: Many of our most popular climbing areas are being saturated with human waste. Yes, we mean poop.
How this video will help: Pooping in a bag and packing it out is easier and less gross than it sounds, but if you’ve never done it, and it can seem mystifying. This video shows how simple, easy, and clean it is.

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