LCO 101: Building a Poop Bag Station

Categories: LCO 101

Smell that? Your climbing area has a human waste problem. More LCOs and land managers are installing poop bag dispensers to encourage climbers to pack it out. Here are some tips for planning and installation.

  • Get permission first. Talk with your land manager to explain the problem and how your LCO is committed to providing materials and installing and maintaining a bag station. They may even kick in money or material to help.
  • Build it. Bag dispensers are an easy DIY project consisting of a treated post, an extra tall birdhouse with a lid, and a slot to grab the bags. Paint it a low-key color to blend in and add an informative sign.
  • Stock it with poop bags. While climbers should ideally pay for their own bags, many LCOs and managers provide them for free to help kickstart the habit and create a new norm. Visit Access Fund’s online store to get a bulk discount.