Introducing the 2013 Conservation Team Crew!

The Access Fund is thrilled to introduce our new Conservation Team crew for the 2013 tour—Claire Wagstaff and Eddie Wooldridge.

Eddie, a Minnesota native, and Claire, a Georgia native, most recently hail from Missoula, Montana where they worked for the Conservation Corps, leading crews across Montana and Idaho to create safe trails, maintain access to remote wilderness areas, and help to solve critical wildlife habitat challenges. Eddie&claire

Both avid climbers, Eddie and Claire are excited to begin their tour next month. “We’re both looking forward to touring the US,” says Eddie. “And we’re especially looking forward to meeting all the great folks in the climbing community who share our passion for climbing and conservation.”

The Access Fund is thrilled to bring on such an energetic couple, who are ready to expand on the legacy of sustainable stewardship projects that Jeff, Jason, and Dave started in 2011. In addition to the standard heroic trail and rock work, Claire and Eddie will host training and education seminars at climbing gyms across the country.

Before heading out on the road, Claire and Eddie will spend a couple of weeks at the Access Fund main office in Boulder, Colorado where they’ll work with staff and volunteers to familiarize themselves with Access Fund programs, get up to speed on current access issues across the US, and bone up on AF stewardship standards.

Claire and Eddie’s 2013 tour will begin in February at the Hueco Rock Rodeo in Texas. From there they will move on to projects in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma, Horseshoe Canyon Ranch in Arkansas, and several spots throughout the Southeast before heading to the Holy Boulders in Illinois.

Please show Claire and Eddie some love if you see their Jeep roll into town to help improve your local climbing area!

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