Climbers in Quarantine: The Weekly Stoke (5)

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Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, ninety-nine bottles of beer. Take one down, pass it around (actually don’t...it’s not sanitary), ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall. Sigh…. Yep, we’re still climbing the walls, but we’re also still feeling good about doing our part to flatten the curve. Ya’ll hanging in there?

Climbers Stuck at Home: Photo of the Week

New challenge: change a lightbulb without falling on your quarantine partner. Thanks for the inspiration @patrickstutts!

Indoor Training Freebies

Remember all those training links we’ve been sharing over the last four weeks? Keep going back for more. They’re all still rolling.

Climbing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While we still think it’s too early to head back out to the crag, we know that many folks are going anyway. If you’re considering climbing, please follow these guidelines.
Climbing During COVID-19

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Do Good Inspiration

The outdoor industry keeps giving us the feels with these awesome efforts:

What Keeps You Stoked?

This week, "retired" pro climber and regular Climb the Hill advocate Libby Sauter shares: “I’m so stoked to see climbers reaching out to their communities and helping during the Coronavirus pandemic. In my circle, at least four of my climbing friends with nursing backgrounds have taken the skills they learned climbing and applied them directly to the outbreak." Check out these climbing heroes!

Jason Lakey, a nurse from Bishop headed to NYC emergency rooms and found himself having to quickly adapt to new terrain—very sick patients in the ICU.

Sako Hirata an ICU nurse formerly of YOSAR, spent nearly every day in March helping a hospital in Washington state combat their severe outbreak. She has since gone on to do a Washington-NYC link-up where she is putting her hard-earned COVID experience to good use in a different ICU.

Sandra Horna, a crusher operating room nurse in Mammoth, CA has had to dig deep, shifting to bedside nursing where help is needed most after elective surgeries (her specialty) have been put on hold.

Anna Pfaff has chosen to prioritize team safety and pause her pro climbing career with The North Face to return to her roots and take up a nursing job in her local ER in Colorado.

Now that is some inspiring sh**!

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