Access Fund Releases Comprehensive Climbing & Raptor Management Handbook

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Comprehensive Climbing & Raptor Management Handbook
Photo: Greg Orton

Access Fund is thrilled to announce the release of a new handbook on climbing and raptor management, the culmination of four years of research and development. Climbing and Raptors: A Handbook for Adaptive Raptor Management presents the most recent, best available science on protecting raptors at the crag while maximizing climbing access. The handbook was developed in partnership with leading scientists, raptor researchers, and land managers, including raptor advocate Greg Orton, Hawkwatch, and specialists from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

This new handbook is designed to be highly accessible to laypersons, and will be especially useful to local climbing organizations and land managers that are looking to increase their knowledge on essential raptor management principles. The main text includes 20 pages of detailed background and advice on raptor management, illustrated case studies and examples, and a link to a living appendix of sources, definitions, relevant laws, and other important information for those who want a deeper dive. The principles outlined in the handbook are the result of evaluating nearly all of the available scientific literature published in the last several decades on managing recreation, specifically climbing, in raptor habitat.

Access Fund is committed to protecting the wildlife that climbers share the cliffs with. We encourage climbers and land managers to utilize and share this resource widely.

How to Use the Handbook:

  • Educate yourself on fundamental raptor management principles
  • Distribute to your local climbing community alongside communications about seasonal closures
  • Reference during meetings with land managers and other stakeholders
  • Use to help establish a volunteer raptor monitoring program