Your Help Needed to Protect Peregrine Falcons in Yosemite


The Peregrine Falcon is a fully protected species in California and a special status species in Yosemite National Park. To protect this raptor and the Yosemite climbing experience, the Park Service asks climbers to cooperate and support some route closures during nesting season when peregrines are most sensitive to human disturbance. To ensure that their nests are not disturbed and that nestling chicks can grow and disperse, the Superintendent of Yosemite National Park temporarily closes cliffs to all human activity where peregrines are nesting. This includes climbing and slack-lining activities.

Closures begin March 1, 2013 and remain in effect until July 15, 2013, or until the chicks have fledged and left the area. Nest sites are monitored closely to provide current information on nesting status and to ensure prompt re-opening of the sites. Closures change according to current nesting status; check the Park’s website for the most current closure information before climbing in Yosemite.