Washington Access Roads at Risk


The Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest is going through a process to identify Forest Service roads for possible closure due to factors such as federal budget cuts, road washouts, and varying ideas about where and what kind of access is appropriate or desirable.

The Forest Service is taking comments for this identification process, and climbers need to participate or our voice will not be heard. The Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest is working with an informal Sustainable Roads Cadre, a diverse group of partners and stakeholders including Washington Climbers Coalition, to conduct a survey on the most important roads for public access. This information will be used to make future decisions about road projects, such as upgrades, closures, decommissioning, and road-to-trail conversions.

We need your help to review this list of the 26 Mt. Baker Snoqualmie Forest Service roads and the climbing areas and peaks that they access. Then take a short 15 minute survey and specify the roads that you commonly use, making special note for roads that see few other user groups.