Toilets Installed at Joes Valley and Indian Creek, UT

Date: 10/15/2008

Joe's Valley has become one of the premier bouldering areas in the American West. With this popularity has come increased impact on the natural environment and has also placed strain on the relationships between land owners, climbers, and other user groups.

The Salt Lake Climbers' Alliance, with the help of its donors, has installed latrines at the Mansize and Buoux camping areas. The use of these latrines will help keep campsites enjoyable and also minimize our impact in the area. Latrines will be installed seasonally, depending on donations. To visit the Salt Lake Climbers' Alliance donation page and make a contribution go to: www.saltlakeclimbers.org/donate.

In Indian Creek, the Friends of Indian Creek have installed three porta-potties. These will be located at the Superbowl and Creek Pasture camping areas. Their aim is to alleviate the use of human waste bags and to provide a more cost-effective method of tackling the human waste problem at Indian Creek. The porta-potties will be in place during the busy climbing season at Indian Creek and cleaned on a weekly basis.

Funding for these toilets has come from the sale of Friends of Indian Creek t-shirts and donations received in the donation tubes at the 4 kiosks in Indian Creek. Please help us to maintain these toilets by continuing to make donations. The future of Indian Creek depends on minimizing human waste. By providing human waste bags and toilets, we can do this. It will take a combined effort from all climbers to use human waste bags, toilets, and make donations. These facilities cannot be provided without your help. For more information, see www.friendsofindiancreek.org