Summit Rock Opens to Climbing After 5-Year Closure


In early October, Sanborn County re-opened Summit Rock in the Bay Area of California after 5 years of closure.

The year-roundclosure was sparked by concerns over nesting peregrine falcons and other management challenges that come with a forested urban park, such as night-time partying and vandalism.

The Access Fund, our Regional Coordinator Paul Minault, and numerous local climbers have been working with the County to address these challenges. Generous financial support from Planet Granite Climbing Yoga & Fitness helped fund an expert raptor biologist to advise the County and demonstrate that climbing, when done outside of the standard seasonal nesting period, will not disrupt the raptors. Local climbers also stepped up to volunteer with the County's peregrine falcon monitoring program, which is paramount to keeping the area open in future years.

Climbing is now open seasonally on weekends under a free permit system that limits access to 35 people per day. To receive a free permit via email, call the Parks Department reservation line at (408) 355-2201.