Shenandoah National Park Climbers Alliance, VA


By Ocean Eiler, Access Fund Regional Coordinator

In order to give a united voice to climbers who climb in Shenandoah National Park, a new group is forming: the Shenandoah National Park Climbers Alliance (SNPCA). SNPCA is an informal, volunteer, grassroots group that will represent your interests as climbers in the Shenandoah National Park. As you may be aware, Shenandoah National Park includes climbing sites such as Little Stony Man and Old Rag Mountain (one of few granite climbing areas in the mid-Atlantic region). Initially, SNPCA will focus on building a constructive and mutually trustworthy relationship with the staff of the Shenandoah National Park as they prepare a climbing management plan under their Rock Outcrop Management Project. Ultimately, the SNPCA will serve as a channel for input from the climbing community to the Park staff that will be essential to preserving the high quality of climbing that we have come to enjoy in the Shenandoah National Park.

SNPCA is looking for climbers who want to get involved and help ensure that climbing remains accessible at Shenandoah National Park. There's plenty to doplease get involved! For more information on how to get involved, or if you have questions, please contact the SNPCA at [email protected] or visit www.snpclimbersalliance.blogspot.comPlease feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested--we want to get the word out to as many people as possible!

Website: www.snpclimbersalliance.blogspot.com
Email : [email protected]