RRGCC Fundraising Challenge, KY



The Red River Gorge Climbers Coalition has had an anonymous benefactor volunteer to provide up to $5,000 in matching funds towards the 2007 Pendergrass-Murray Recreational Preserve payment due on July 15, 2007. To help get our fundraising efforts underway and ensure we make our goals for 2007 they have agreed to the following challenge setup to add some fun and excitement to fundraising effort:

This challenge will run for three more monthsApril, May, & June 2007and the challenge amount for each month will be $1,250.

For each month if $1,250 is raised by the end of the month then that amount will be matched with $1,250 from the benefactor.

The postmark date will be considered the contribution date for mailed payments.

Whoever contributes the largest amount each month or those responsible for the largest fundraising event, whichever is greater, will be recognized as the "RRGCC Fundraiser of the Month. They will receive a gift package of appreciation consisting a climbing related DVD and a t-shirt at a minimum.

We are working on getting some other goodies to put in these packages and will let everyone know what they are as the packages are put together.

Home gym fundraisers were very effective last year as well as climber funded slideshows. Use your imagination, get your partners together and have some fun. Let's use this generous offer to help us continue to secure the largest, and one of the best, climber owned climbing area in the US.

For donation information see: www.rrgcc.org/membership.php

Thanks For Your Support!