Rifle Expansion on the Horizon?

Date: 12/15/2011

Rifle Mountain Park (“Rifle”) in Colorado offers some of America’s finest limestone sport climbing. Immediately down the canyon is a piece of property known as Rifle Falls State Fish Unit (“Rifle Falls”), owned by Colorado Division of Wildlife, which contains climbing resources comparable to the excellent climbing found at Rifle. Climbing is currently prohibited on the property, but the Access Fund and Rifle Climbers Coalition (RCC) have been working together to open this property to climbing. This past summer, we commissioned a biological survey of Rifle Falls to understand whether wildlife may be impacted by climbers. In November, the AF and RCC petitioned the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission requesting climbing development be allowed at Rifle Falls. In January 2012, the AF and RCC will present their vision for climbing at Rifle Falls to the Parks and Wildlife Commission.

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