Preserve The Pinnacle Boulders!

Access Fund is pleased to announce that it has acquired the Pinnacle Boulders in the Southern Adirondacks of New York. Pinnacle Boulders are a cluster of quality blocks located just off State Highway 10 near Nine Corner Lake. The 18.5-acre property is easily accessible and a valuable addition for the Adirondack climbing community.

The Pinnacle Boulders feature approximately 60 boulder problems on gneiss blocks and cliff band, half of which are on the donated property and half on adjacent New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) lands.

“Due to its southern aspect, low elevation, and ease of access, these boulders enjoy a long season and present a good option for Adirondack climbers seeking a quick session,” says local climber Justin Sanford. “Thanks to the kindness of the landowners and resources of the Access Fund, local climbers can continue to visit the Pinnacle Boulders for years to come.”

In 2015 Sanford reached out to the landowners about providing public access so that the area could be included in a future bouldering guidebook. Access Fund joined Sanford and landowner Ellen Wood for a site visit where information on risk management, conservation options, and further support were discussed. Wood and her family subsequently decided to donate the property.

“I have always marveled at the size and features of these magnificent glacial erratics. While not a climber myself, walking among the boulders you could just see their value for the local recreational community, and it was eye-opening,” says Ellen Wood. “Here was a user group that could steward the land and I’m glad to know the property will be preserved.”

With no local climbing organization designated for the Adirondacks, Access Fund reached out directly to climbers in the local community to gain their sense of the opportunity and to gage their commitment to Pinnacle Boulders. Local climbers expressed both their desire to help conserve the area and their support of Access Fund in its role to facilitate the process, including a subsequent transfer of the property to the NYSDEC. Access Fund will serve as the temporary owner of the land, managing the property transfer process from start to finish.

“Access Fund is an accredited land trust so it makes sense for us to play a central role in protecting the area,” says Access Fund Executive Director Brady Robinson. “When we have the full support of local climbers, landowners, and partnering land agencies, Access Fund can provide the necessary resources to make these projects happen.”

NYSDEC has expressed interest in accepting the property from Access Fund. When approved and transferred, the boulders will be protected as part of Shaker Mountain Wild Forest of Adirondack Park, where climbing is recognized as a suitable form of recreation. Access Fund expects to transfer the property to NYSDEC once funds are raised to cover the transaction, stewardship, and transfer costs.

The Access Fund Climbing Conservation Loan Program is providing short-term funding to cover the initial costs of the acquisition. However, donations from the local climbing community are needed to finalize the conservation efforts and complete transfer. We need your help to raise $10,000 to ensure permanent protection and stewardship of the Pinnacle Boulders. Donations may be made at www.accessfund.org/pinnacleboulders.

For those of you that may want to help by lending your hands to conservation efforts in the Southern Adirondacks, join the Access Fund Conservation Team and local climbers September 3, 2016 for an Adopt a Crag stewardship event at Nine Corner Lake at 9:00 AM and a short ceremony to thank the Wood family at Pinnacle Boulders at 3:00 PM.

Photos by Justin Sanford and Access Fund