Off-trail permits for Climbing in Boulder, CO


By Tom Isaacson, President Flatirons Climbers Coalition

Effective February 1, 2007, climbers will need a permit to reach certain boulders and crags with the City of Boulder's Open Space. The effected areas are: Cryptic Crag, Adam's Spire, all of the Metaphysical boulders, and certain boulders west of the Sacred Cliffs.

Other restrictions will also apply to climbers. To get more information visit www.FlatironsClimbing.com or www.openspace.ci.boulder.co.us

Applications for off-trail permits, which are good for one day, may be obtained through the above open space website or at the Chautauqua Ranger Cottage. Further details on the rules will become available soon, as will possible changes to the areas requiring a permit. Please cooperate with this program and encourage others to do so.

The permits are free. Getting caught without one is a $100 per person fine. Also, it is important to show the land managers that climbers will observe the existing rules and that harsher rules are not needed. Additional rules also apply to hiking to non-climbing destinations and walking with your dog off-trail. You can post questions on the Flatirons Climbing website.