Nelson Rocks, WV


By Thomson Ling, AF Regional Coordinator

For those in the DC area interested in the discussing the recent real estate listing of Nelson Rocks, WV please attend a meeting from 5-7pm on Saturday, January 27th. The local REI at Bailey's Crossroads (3509 Carlin Springs Rd Bailey's Crossroads, VA 22041) has generously offered to donate a room. The agenda is to discuss potential options to ensure that Nelson Rocks moves to climber-friendly hands.

Different tools that can be used to preserve climbing areas in perpetuity
The pros and cons of fee simple acquisition
Conservation easements
Liability of owning, managing, or holding an easement on land
Fundraising and how other groups have done it
Partnerships that have worked in the past for AF and local climbing orgs.

Nelson Rocks is an amazing place with lots of great climbing history and lots of really good climbing on solid stone, some of the best in the area. It is one of several large eruptions (southern most) of Tuscarora sandstone out of a long ridge that runs over 30 miles north towards Petersburg, WV.

For information please contact Thomson Ling at: [email protected]