More Affordable Permits Approved for the Callahans in SW Oregon

Weyerhaeuser, the private timber company that owns the Callahans climbing area in Southwest Oregon, recently issued a new, non-motorized permit system, allowing climbers to regain access to the Callahans later this summer. Just minutes from the town of Roseburg, the Callahans offer climbers over 100 sport and trad routes in a variety of grades. Its sandstone towers and outcrops provide scenic views across Flournoy Valley and the Oregon Cascades to the east.

In 2014, Weyerhaeuser implemented a $350 annual permit requirement for all recreational users visiting the 174,000-acre Coos Bay-Millicoma Tree Farm, including those looking to access the crag on its eastern border. This was a steep expense for many Callahan climbers, especially local students or visiting climbers who use the area only a handful of times each year. In prior decades, climbers enjoyed free access and supported Weyerhaeuser with trail work and clean-ups.

Access Fund and Southwest Oregon Climbers Coalition (SWOCC) have been working with Weyehaeuser over the last two years to consider a recreational lease or more affordable permit system. We are pleased to announce that Weyerhaeuser has agreed to allow 150 non-motorized permits for the entire tree farm at $75 per person per year, beginning on August 1, 2017. This will make walk-in access from Touchstone Road feasible for regular visitors once again.

Climbers must have an individual permit and follow all requirements for access. Do not block the school-bus turnaround and respect adjacent neighbors along Touchstone Road. Climber compliance with the permit system is critical to our ability to explore improved access, such as a recreational lease after the timber sale contract is complete. Permits for non-motorized access from August 1, 2017 to July 23, 2018 will go on sale starting May 17th at 7:00 PM at www.wyrecreation.com/permits.

Please note that the Callahans will be temporarily closed for timber harvest operations, though these dates have not been announced yet. Weyerhaeuser entered into a two-year timber sale contract, but the area will remain open until operations begin. SWOCC and local outdoor programs are still in discussions with Weyehaeuser regarding group use for local universities and nonprofits that have historically instructed at the Callahans.