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Texas State Parks are in a vulnerable position resulting from inadequate and declining state funding over the last decade. These parks include Hueco Tanks, Enchanted Rock and McKinney Falls, all of which contain climbing or bouldering. As a result of this funding decline, coupled with ever-increasing costs, the state parks current budget shortfall has lead to lay-offs, partial closings and curtailment of park programs, especially for youth. When the budget for Texas climbing parks suffers your climbing future is at risk.

Your help is needed to secure adequate funding for climbing parks in Texas.

There are currently two bills up for approval this session in the Texas Legislature, HB 6 and SB 252, which if passed would remove a cap on the allocation of sporting goods taxes towards Texas state and local parks (also including Reimers Ranch). These bills could result in a much-needed increase in funding to Texas State Parks and enable the restoration of park programs, hiring of additional staff, and new and improved park facilities that would benefit climbers and other recreational users. In short, the approval of HB 6 and SB 252 could result in a long-term investment in Texas climbing parks.

Also in the works is a proposal by Texas state legislators and agency commissioners to transfer more than 20 state park properties in Texas from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) over to the Texas Historical Commission (THC). THC insists that Hueco Tanks is no longer targeted for transfer though it was initially. Heuco is certainly a desirable asset as the premiere archaeological resource in the state and we must assure that it stays off the THCs list for transfer. With THCs mission centered on the preservation of archeological and cultural landmarks in Texas, climbing access at Hueco could change under THC management.

The Access Fund is taking action to support the approval of HB 6 and SB 252 and oppose the transfer of state parks, including Hueco Tanks, from TPWD to THC.

The Access Fund is taking the following actions: 1. An Austin-based lobbying campaign that aligns Texas climbers with other interest groups dedicated to preserving the financial security of Texas state parks and Hueco in particular. This work will also involve direct lobbying to the Texas governors office, and talking with numerous relevant Texas legislators and public land agency officials.

2. Working with Hueco locals and mobilizing a local grassroots organization targeting El Paso-area climbers, other Texas constituents, and out-of-state climbers that frequent Hueco who all share an interest in preserving recreational access at Hueco. This effort includes immediate letter writing to Austin-based policy makers and rallying Hueco climbers at the 2007 Rock Rodeo.

Now is the time to invest in the future of climbing at Hueco Tanks. If you are a Texas state resident contact your state legislator and urge them to:
(1) improve funding for state and local parks (2) oppose the transfer of recreation-based parks to the Texas Historical Commission.

Visit www.accessfund.org/pdf/Hueco_Talking_Points_2_9_07.pdf to read talking points and find information on who your state representative is in Texas.

If you are a non-Texan who has visited and enjoy the climbing opportunities at Hueco Tanks, check the next ENEWS (sign up here if you dont already receive it) to fill out an economic impact survey and show your local influence.

If you want to ensure future climbing and bouldering access to Hueco Tanks and other climbing parks in Texas, now is the time to speak up.

Stay tuned to the Access Fund ENEWS for updates to this issue.

For more information about Hueco visit: http://accessfund.org/pubs/en/e-news22.htmland a href="http://www.huecorockranch.com

Contact the Access Fund for more information: [email protected]