Human Powered Recreation Gets a Seat at the Table in USFS Planning

Date: 6/18/2012

We are happy to report that our very own Outdoor Alliance Policy Architect, Adam Cramer, has been appointed to the Federal Advisory Committee that will provide advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Agriculture on the implementation of the new Forest Service Planning Rule.

“The new forest planning rule holds great promise, but success depends on how it will be implemented,” says Cramer. “Serving on this advisory committee will enable OA to channel the human powered outdoor recreation world's conservation values and perspectives and help set the stage for thoughtful planning to take care of our mountains, rivers and forests into the future.”

There is currently an unprecedented amount of Forest Planning in the works around the country that could affect important climbing areas like the Wind River Mountains, High Sierra, and Cochise Stronghold. “Having an Access Fund affiliated representative on this committee is a big victory for climbers,” says AF Senior Policy Advisor Jason Keith. “We now have an official seat at the table in Forest Service planning.”

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