Gunks Climbers' Coalition raises $10,000 for Waterworks Bouldering Area, NY

Date: 1/12/2011

The Gunks Climbers’ Coalition (GCC) made its first payment in fulfilling its commitment to support the management and maintenance of the Waterworks bouldering area, which lies at the northern end of the Mohonk Preserve. The GCC has pledged a total of $50,000 over 10 years to support the creation of a master plan site design and long-term access management strategy that supports climbing and bouldering. Thanks to the generosity of the entire climbing community, as well as many non-climbers who donated to make this project possible.

Until the purchase by the Preserve has been completed, along with evaluative research to assess the protection needed for endangered species of plants and animals, as well as historical sites, the access will be afforded by online appointments through a website set up by the Preserve at www.eventbrite.com, and with property boundary limits pointed out by climber volunteers on location. The area is bounded by private land and respect for these
boundaries is essential if we are to enjoy the privilege of climbing here, as everywhere, when private residences are so close.

To find out how you can help contribute to the ongoing fundraising campaign, and to learn more about special access considerations to the Waterworks bouldering area, visit www.gunksclimbers.org.