Governor Stable Closure


Since initiating the recreational lease of the Governor Stable property, the Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers has been acutely aware that we were entering into a temporary, year-by-year arrangement with the landowner in order to allow climbing access. Due to concerns of the landowner, he has chosen not to renew the lease upon its expiration.

Citing concerns of impact to the deer population and the general environment of the property as a result of the increasing number of climbers visiting the boulders, the landowner feels that ending the lease is in the best interest of his family and their property.

While all of us at the Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers are disappointed by this development, we support the landowner's decision. As a result, there will be no Governor Stable Bouldering Competition in 2007, and access to the boulders will cease on March 1, 2007.

While it is a loss to the climbing community to no longer have access to GS, we must remember the five successful years that we have worked with the landowner to promote the climbing there. We extend our deepest gratitude to the owners of Governor Stable for the time that they have given us to enjoy their wonderful property.

The Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers will continue to stay in contact with the Governor Stable landowner in the event that his family's wishes change in the future.

Any questions should be directed to [email protected].