Friends of Muir Valley Reach Fundraising Goal

We're excited to share the great news that Friends of Muir Valley (FOMV) reached its 2014 fundraising goal by raising over $200,000 to facilitate the transfer of Muir Valley. Nine months ago, Muir Valley founders and owners, Rick and Liz Weber, issued a challenge: if FOMV could demonstrate the commitment and ability to fund future operation and maintenance of the climbing area by raising $200,000 in 2014, they would make a permanent gift of Muir Valley to FOMV.

This challenge was met with an extraordinary response from the climbing community, with over 85% of funds coming from hundreds of individual donors. Grants from the Access Fund, Conservation Alliance, and American Alpine Club helped match this incredible showing of grassroots support. FOMV will become the new owner of the valley at the end of March 2015.

Congratulations to the FOMV board members, the Webers, and the volunteers for their leadership, and a huge thanks to the hundreds of climbers across the country who donated to make this a reality.

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