Conservation Team Wraps Up 2016 Tour

The Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team continues to leave a lasting legacy of climbing area stewardship all across the nation. This year was our first season with two full-time teams on the road, who traveled more than 65,840 miles across 23 states.

We are extremely proud of their accomplishments:

  • 9,257 Feet of Social Trail Eliminated
  • 8,659 Feet of New Trail Constructed
  • 1,476 Volunteers Engaged
  • 628 Tons of Rock Moved
  • 112 Stewardship Projects Completed
  • 93 Drainage Ditches Dug
  • 44 Retaining Walls Constructed
  • 43 Staircases Built
  • 21 Areas Cleaned of Trash
  • 18 Graffiti Clean Ups

We are happy to report that Chip Powell and Lindsay Anderson will return for a second Conservation Team Tour in 2017. But we are sad to say goodbye to Amanda Peterson and Mike Morin, who dedicated three years to the Conservation Team mission. Since coming aboard in 2014, Amanda and Mike have worked alongside 3,000 volunteers, and their finesse with land managers and climbers has built lasting relationships of trust and collaboration. Access Fund would like to extend its deepest appreciation to Amanda and Mike for the last three years of service, and we wish them luck on their next adventure!

We are still building out the 2017 Conservation Team schedule. Contact [email protected] to book the team!