​Climbing Still Closed at Cave Rock No Change On Pending Access Fund Lawsuit, NV

Date: 11/14/2006

Nearly 1 years ago the Access Fund filed its most recent legal brief at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the on-going attempt to keep climbing open at Cave Rock, a popular and important climbing area on the shore of Lake Tahoe in Nevada. For more background see www.accessfund.org/pdf/CRbackgrounder3-28.pdf

In January 2005 at the district court level in Reno a judge upheld the US Forest Service (USFS) decision to ban climbing at Cave Rock; however, the district court prevented the USFS from removing any climbing bolts pending the Access Funds challenge. The AF Board subsequently voted unanimously to pursue an appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. For now, since all briefs have been filed, we continue to wait for the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to schedule oral arguments or render a verdict. The USFS declined to pursue mediation despite the Access Fund's hope that the conflict may be resolved out of the courtroom.

The Cave Rock climbing ban remains in place at least for the duration of the lawsuit, and it's critical that climbers continue to respect the climbing closure while we work our way through the courts. Violating the climbing closure only harm our case in court and reduce your chances of climbing at Cave Rock in the future. For more information contact Access Fund Policy Director Jason Keith at [email protected].