Climbing Management Updates Coming to Golden, Colorado Area

Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) in Colorado recently drafted revisions to its current Climbing Management Guidelines. The revised guidelines will govern Clear Creek Canyon, Mt. Lindo, North Table Mountain and other crags in the Golden, Colorado area. Some members of the climbing community have expressed concern that these draft revisions will unnecessarily encumber climbing access and hinder route development

Jefferson County Open Space has proposed a significant change to its current fixed anchor regulations: a case-by-case permitting process. The draft revision proposes that a volunteer citizens' committee (appointed by JCOS) review applications for new fixed anchors and provide recommendations to a separate JCOS committee that would make final determinations. Fixed anchor replacement applications would be submitted directly to JCOS.

Access Fund attended a public meeting on Thursday, November 19th where JCOS engaged the community regarding the DRAFT revised Climbing Management Guidelines. Access Fund is currently analyzing the draft revision and how it will impact route development and raptor closures. We are reaching out to local stakeholders and will issue public comments soon. We believe that access to this great Colorado crag is crucial and a middle ground can be reached.

Climbers are encouraged to submit well-articulated and reasonable comments about Colorado climbing access to [email protected] by December 7th. Stand by for more access information. Comments and questions for the Access Fund can be directed to [email protected].

Photo courtesy of D. Scott Clark.