Climbing Ban at Castle Rocks, ID


The Bureau of Land Management announced last month that all rock climbing activity will be banned on its 400-acre portion of the Castle Rocks Interagency Recreation Area in Idaho, ignoring the proven Castle Rocks Interagency Climbing Management Plan drafted by climbers and BLM to protect cultural resources. The climbing management plan includes extensive provisions for identifying areas of concern and allowing climbing only in areas that will not negatively affect cultural resources. The BLM’s decision to ignore the same climbing management plan it helped create is totally unnecessary and unjustified. The Castle Rocks Interagency Climbing Management Plan has been used successfully by the Idaho State Department of Parks and Recreation. Further, the closure singles out rock climbers while allowing other unregulated activities such as hiking, hunting, and grazing. Please help show the congressional delegation and governor’s office that large numbers of constituents and the general public oppose this unnecessary and unjustified public land closure in hopes of pressuring the BLM to reconsider its decision.

Stay tuned for more information.