Cleveland National Forest Access Threat Update, CA


By Jeff Brown, Executive Director Allied Climbers of San Diego

A proposal by the Cleveland National Forest (CNF) would deny well-established recreational climbing in order to create nesting habitat for non-threatened eagles and prairie falcons. These speculative preserves would be established where no golden eagles nest within close proximity or view of climbing activities, and where prairie falcons continue to nest successfully.

The Allied Climbers of San Diego (ACSD), in concert with the Access Fund, are working to preserve climbing access and work with the CNF on a reasonable solution. For more background on this issue see www.alliedclimbers.org/. ACSDs formal statement of complaint can be found here: www.alliedclimbers.org/pdf/FSoC.pdf and Access Fund comments here: www.accessfund.org/pdf/USFS_MBTA.pdf and www.alliedclimbers.org/pdf/AF_LETTER.pdf

The ACSD invites all climbers to follow this important access threat created by the CNFs climbing closure proposals by visiting ACSDs website to access a timeline of the CNFs proposals and to understand why these measures are being opposed by the Access Fund and ACSD in their current form. In early September the CNF will release an Environmental Assessment for public review and comment. This is a National Forest issue with national precedent-setting potential, so please stay tuned for the Access Fund's and ACSD's evaluation of this anxiously awaited document.