Access Fund Organizes Idaho Climbers to Reopen Twin Sisters at the City of Rocks, ID

Date: 8/16/2006

In late June the Access Fund organized climber meetings across Idaho in Pocatello, Ketchum, and Boise to raise climber awareness, and meet with congressional representatives and park managers regarding the on-going climbing closure on the City of Rocks historic Twin Sisters formation. For background, see


The Access Fund urges climbers to take three separate actions that could help reopen the Twin Sisters:

        Write congress now and push for an amendment to the Twin Sisters climbing ban (consult www.congress.org to find contact information for your congressional reps).
        Submit comments to City of Rocks (CIRO) when the draft climbing management plan (CMP) is released in early Fall 2006.
        Submit comments in 07 or 08 when the NPS finally analyzes the Twin Sisters closure in their comprehensive management plan.

      National Park Service (NPS) planners will release a draft CIRO CMP at some point in late August or September we will cue you to write comments at that time. CIROs comprehensive plan is a ways out still, but that will be a crucial time for submitting your comments regarding the climbing ban on the Twin Sisters.

      Email Kristo Torgersen at [email protected] to get on our mailing list for this issue or keep your eyes peeled for future Access Fund Action Alerts. Additional background info can be found at www.accessfund.org/display/page/AA/35 and www.accessfund.org/pdf/AFciro.pdf