Access Fund Brings Climbers Together for Two-Day Educate for Access Summit


Over the Halloween weekend, the Access Fund brought together 46 members of the climbing community in the Gunks to address the increasing need for climber education as it relates to environmental impacts and outdoor ethics.

Throughout the US, the increase in climbing’s popularity is beginning to stress our climbing resources. Issues like human waste, erosion, vegetation loss, and user conflicts are being noticed by landowners, environmental groups, and many local climbers.

Over the course of the two-day summit, the Access Fund brought together experts from the climbing community, climbing gyms, academia, and guide services to begin discussing these issues and generate strategies for educating climbers on minimum impact.

The Access Fund is committed to playing a lead role in climber education and will be taking the lessons learned from the Educate for Access summit and putting them together into a cohesive, obtainable, and strategic plan for the future.