2012 Conservation Team Tour Comes to an End

Date: 12/12/2012

It’s a bitter-sweet time of year here at the Access Fund. The second tour of the Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team has come to an end, and we've had to say goodbye to our amazing inaugural team members: Jeff Young, Jason Kaplan, and Dave Montgomery.

The Conservation Team’s stats for the year are impressive: they spent 250 days on the road, traveled over 31,000 miles, and toured 19 states—putting blood and sweat into 30 climbing areas by building 23 stone staircases, constructing 16 retaining walls, installing 15 drainage structures, eliminating 1,500 feet of social trails, cleaning 5 cliffs of graffiti, and cleaning 6 climbing areas of trash.

Their worked spanned the breadth of the country, with projects in the Northeast (Gunks, Northwest Branch), the Southeast (Laurel Knob, Obed, T-Wall, and Leda), the Lakes Region (Devil’s Lake, Barn Bluff), the Rockies (Eldorado, Indian Creek, Ruth Lake, Wild Iris), California (Lover’s Leap, Bishop, Idyllwild) and ending in the Northwest (Index, Q'emiln) – just to name a few. A huge thanks to the more than 700 volunteers who came out to help work on Conservation Team projects across the country.

Please join us in sending a huge thanks to Jeff, Jason, and Dave (our inaugural Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team crew). Your work has begun a legacy of climbing area stewardship that will last for years to come. Your fellow climbers appreciate the mountain of rock you’ve moved this year, the strain you placed on your backs, the lonely days on the road, and all the bloody fingers. We are looking forward to the 2013 tour with a brand new team who will carry on your legacy!