Athlete Ambassadors

The Athlete Ambassador Team is a core of professional climbers who will publicly represent the Access Fund and reinforce its mission of keeping climbing areas open and conserving the climbing environment. These athletes are leaders in the climbing world and provide a crucial link between the Access Fund and the greater climbing community.

Each of these climbers has demonstrated a willingness to endorse the Access Fund at their slide shows and events, and has expressed a commitment to preserving America’s diverse climbing resources.

Click on each ambassador to learn more about their climbing accomplishments and why they support the Access Fund.

National Ambassadors

Tommy Caldwell
I support the Access Fund because my passion is climbing in the outdoors. The Access Fund is one of the few organizations out there looking out for the climbing areas that I live and play in.

Emily Harrington
The Access Fund is a wonderful organization dedicated to keeping the most beautiful places on earth available for us all to enjoy. I am proud to be part of an organization that is focused on conserving the natural beauty of the environment as well as committed to keeping these areas open to the public.

Alex Johnson
I support the Access Fund because the Access Fund supports me. It represents the future of outdoor rock climbing, and therefore it supports every climber out there.

Kevin Jorgeson
I am an Access Fund member and Ambassador because I want to climb outside for the rest of my life. The Access Fund helps ensure this is possible, for everyone.

Beth Rodden
I support the Access Fund because it helps the sport of climbing in many ways. Throughout the life cycle of many climbing areas, access becomes an issue. It is great to have an organization like the Access Fund to keep the lines of communication open between the land managers and climbers.

Chris Sharma
The boulders have been here for thousands of years. It’s a privilege for us to be able to climb on them, and its our responsibility to treat them with respect.

Community Ambassadors

Alex Honnold
The Access Fund is the only organization dedicated to keeping all my favorite places open. I hope to climb my whole life and the Access Fund will help make that possible.