Credit Photo Courtesy of:
John Dickey | Lower Mill Creek, UT

United we are stronger. That is why the Access Fund maintains a broad network of partnerships within the climbing community, the outdoor industry, and other like-minded advocacy groups.

Help Protect America's Climbing

  • Local Climbing Organizations

    Today, the Access Fund works with over 100 local climbing advocacy organizations across the country. Over the past decade, we've worked to grow this network by nearly 70%—ensuring that when an access issue occurs in your backyard, there’s a qualified group of advocates there to help. Learn More

  • Community Ambassadors

    These volunteer advocates represent Access Fund and local climbers throughout the country. Community Ambassadors play an essential role in Access Fund fundraising, community outreach, and events! Learn More

  • Athlete Ambassadors

    Our Athlete Ambassadors are professional climbers who publicly represent the Access Fund and reinforce our mission of keeping climbing areas open and conserving the climbing environment. These athletes are leaders in the climbing world and provide a crucial link between the Access Fund and the greater climbing community. Learn More

  • Corporate Partners

    Our Corporate Partners are businesses that put their money where their mouth is to protect America’s climbing and support the future of our sport. Our work would not be possible without their forward-thinking support. Learn More

  • Member Gyms

    Access Fund Member Gyms are indoor climbing gyms who have stepped up as influencers in their local community to protect climbing access and promote responsible outdoor climbing behaviors. Their support fuels our mission to educate the next generation of climbers on responsible outdoor ethics. Learn More

  • Photographers

    All of the photos that you see on the Access Fund website and in our publications have been generously donated by these talented photographers. Thanks to their unique talents behind the camera, we get to showcase some of America's most treasured climbing areas. We thank these photographers for their commitment Learn More

  • Outdoor Alliance

    Access Fund is a founding member of Outdoor Alliance, which brings together the voices of the recreation community to protect our public lands and ensure that they are managed in a way that embraces the human-powered experience. Learn More