Stewardship & Conservation

As climbers, we have a personal stake in the health and integrity of our outdoor landscapes—without them, we have no place to climb. But just loving our climbing areas is no longer enough.

As our sport continues to grow in popularity, overcrowding is stressing these outdoor landscapes beyond their ability to recover naturally. This not only threatens access, but it degrades the landscapes that we hold so dear.

But there is a solution. As climbers, we are the natural stewards of our climbing areas. But we must be willing to stand up and care for them. The future of our sport depends on it.

Help ensure the health and integrity of our climbing landscapes.

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The act of climbing has impacts on the outdoor environment—that is undeniable. But these impacts can be managed in a sustainable manner. Access Fund works with local climbing communities all across the country to develop long-term stewardship plans that sustainably manage impacts—like climber traffic, human waste, and trash—and assure the integrity of our climbing landscapes.

You can make a difference. Get tips and resources to help care for our climbing environments.

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Adopt a Crag

Our Adopt a Crag program unites climbing communities across the nation in partnerships with land managers to care for their local climbing areas. Adopt a Crag events rally volunteers from the local community to do litter clean-ups, trail restoration and construction, erosion control, and invasive weed removal. If you’re interested in hosting an Adopt a Crag event, visit the Educate Yourself section for resources and guidance. Volunteer opportunities are listed on our Event Calendar.

The Adopt a Crag program is made possible by the generous support of:

Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Teams

The Access Fund also puts three professional trail builders/conservation specialists—the Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team—on the road 10 months of the year, to help local climbing communities assess impacts and climbing area conservation needs, address those needs, and provide training on stewardship planning and best practices for keeping their climbing areas healthy. To request a Conservation Team visit, contact [email protected].

The Access Fund-Jeep Conservation Team is made possible by the generous support of: