Access Fund on Climate Change

Climbers have a deep connection to the land and often visit wild and sensitive landscapes, giving them a unique, firsthand view of the impacts of our changing climate. The climbing community has a personal stake in the health of our climate and outdoor landscapes, and our actions today can help to reduce and adapt to the future impacts of a changing climate.

Access Fund has been working to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment since 1991. There are over 30,000 climbing sites across America—located in forests, mountains, glaciers, deserts, and the plains—landscapes that are experiencing the effects of climate change. Climbers are witnessing melting glaciers, more intense wildfires, threats to sensitive species, and changing patterns of vegetation.

As the leading national advocacy organization for climbers, Access Fund works to protect these sensitive landscapes, while allowing for responsible outdoor recreation, and this work often aids in the protection of our climate.

  • Protect Public Lands: Access Fund works to protect public lands and outdoor recreation from irresponsible energy leasing, development, and transfers. At Bears Ears National Monument in southern Utah, for example, we are working to defend this spectacular landscape from damaging oil and gas extraction activities.
  • Restore Climbing Areas: Access Fund also works to restore climbing landscapes—stabilizing slopes left vulnerable from more frequent and violent storms, rehabilitating areas after wildfires, and fortifying trails to protect the surrounding environment.
  • Buy Threatened Climbing Landscapes: Access Fund also buys climbing areas threatened by development, protecting and conserving natural landscapes for public use. These acquisitions often involve lands that score high on climate resiliency and landscape diversity. Access Fund works to assemble networks of protected lands to preserve plant and animal diversity, alongside responsible outdoor recreation.

Our vision for the future involves a rich tapestry of protected landscapes that are preserved for outdoor recreation and conservation. That vision will benefit climbing, rural economies, the health and wellness of the American people, and our climate.

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