Epsiode #24

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

This month’s guest is Graham Zimmerman. Graham is a professional alpinist, filmmaker, and staunch climate advocate. Through the past couple decades of traveling around the world, prioritizing climbing over everything else, the red flags and telltale signs of a changing environment shifted to the forefront of Graham’s mind. He decided to ramp up his commitment to climbing—and the environment.

Graham’s approach to advocacy is rooted in the notion of being an “imperfect advocate.” He acknowledges that he, along with everyone else, is imperfect. But that doesn’t stop him from doing whatever is in his power to raise awareness about our most pressing environmental issues. Graham has used his platforms strategically this year to educate, inform, and ultimately get people out there to vote in the election. Graham shares his experiences and knowledge to give us that gentle nudge to get engaged, imperfections and all.


8:52- Intro & reflection on 2020

11:01- Being awarded a Piolet d’or

20:18- Path to advocacy

29:34- Responsibilities with Protect our Winters

31:07- Experience with Climb the Hill

34:51- Power of storytelling

38:09- Climb the Hill 2020

42:26- Public lands victories

45:53- Public lands policy vs. climate policy

48:13- Evolution of climbing advocacy

49:39- The Outdoor State

54:18- Social media & voting

58:10- Imperfect Advocacy

1:03:55- “My vote doesn’t matter”
1:06:28- Graham’s podcast, “Wildfire”

1:09:43- Books and other resources

1:14:20- Final remarks

Graham’s Instagram page: @grahamzimmerman

Protect Our Winters: https://protectourwinters.org/

Protect Our Winters Instagram page: @protectourwinters

The Outdoor State: https://protectourwinters.org/the-outdoor-state/

An Imperfect Advocate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYiC5XB2Vyg

Bedrock Film Works: https://www.bedrockfilmworks.com/home

Gnarly Nutrition: https://gognarly.com/

2020 Climbing Advocacy Conference: https://www.accessfund.org/pages/climbing-advocacy-conference

The Climbing Initiative: https://climbinginitiative.org/

Great American Outdoors Act: https://www.accessfund.org/news-and-events/news/victory-climbers-help-pass-great-american-outdoors-act

Moab Oil & Gas Leases: https://www.accessfund.org/news-and-events/news/breaking-blm-cancels-plans-to-auction-85-000-acres-around-moab-amid-pressure-from-climbers

John D. Dingell, Jr., Conservation, Recreation, and Management Act: https://www.accessfund.org/news-and-events/news/president-signs-public-lands-bill-wilderness-climbing-protections-written-into-law

Graham’s & REI’s Podcast Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_0KnWaRZPI&feature=emb_title

Harvest the Vote book: https://www.harvestthevotebook.com/

Dune novels: https://www.amazon.com/Dune-Frank-Herbert/dp/0441172717