Episode #8

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

The guests for this month’s episode came from the Midwest Climbing Advocacy Summit, held this year at Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin. Jenna Winkler and Zachary Lesch-Huie from Access Fund facilitated conversations with local advocates from across the Midwest, learning more about what is happening with them on a local level. These conversations highlighted the issues that are ubiquitous across the climbing community and really drove home the point that those who make up the climbing community can learn from each other on how to manage and remedy the problems that they are facing.

This regional summit boasted a number of different workshops and sessions throughout the event, as Jenna and Zachary highlighted during the episode. These sessions are examples of what you can expect at one of Access Fund’s annual summits. There is a ton to be learned from attending one of these events, so be sure to check out the next one!

Arkansas Climbers Coalition: https://www.arkansasclimbers.org/

AdventurHER Travel: https://www.adventurhertravel.com/our-story

Minnesota Climbers Association: https://www.mnclimbers.org/

Wisconsin Climbers Association: https://wiclimbers.com/