Episode #6

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

This episode’s guest was Access Fund Senior Policy Advisor Jason Keith. Based in Moab, Utah, Jason wears multiple hats in his line of work. He runs a small nonprofit called Public Land Solutions. They work to maximize recreation assets within local communities by supporting effective public land solutions (hence the name). He also is a professional advocate for the national climbing community as Access Fund’s policy director. Jason spends a lot of his time working with political figures to influence policies that impact climbing resources.

Jason’s knowledge and passion for climbing advocacy is obvious, and he had so much to say that the episode had to be broken up into two parts. In part 1 of the episode, we focused on the Emery County Public Land Management Act, which was a big part of the public lands package and bolting in wilderness. We finished the episode discussing the current affairs surrounding Bears Ears National Monument, which will be released as part two next week.

Enjoy the first part of my conversation with Jason Keith!

Public Lands Solutions: https://publiclandsolutions.org/

Outdoor Alliance: https://www.outdooralliance.org/

News on the public lands package: https://www.accessfund.org/news-and-events/news/president-signs-public-lands-bill-wilderness-climbing-protections-written-into-law