Episode #34

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

Our guest for today’s episode is Kendra Stritch. Kendra is a competitive ice climber and serves as the board president of the Minnesota Climbers Association (MCA). Minnesota has a lot to offer in terms of climbing, whether it’s rock or ice. As an LCO working on a state-wide level, the MCA works with local Minnesota-based climbing organizations and land managers to help ensure these special Midwestern gems are properly cared for.

Aside from running the MCA and her personal climbing accomplishments, Kendra is very motivated to pursue other sports and activities and is always up for a new challenge. Kendra has taken a lot of inspiration from the folks she has met while traveling the world for ice climbing competitions and brings that inspiration back to her clinics and advocacy for climbing in Minnesota. The MCA has made a tremendous impact on Minnesota climbing over the years and Kendra discusses a few of the projects of which she is particularly proud.

3:55- Adventure racing
6:45- Log rolling!
10:12- Life strategies
12:28- Kendra’s intro and climbing history
22:49- UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup Tour
27:18- Drawing inspiration from local and international climbing communities
32:32- Teaching advocacy in her clinics
34:35- Being an ASC Microplastic Sample Collector
37:13- Minnesota climbing
42:40- Sandstone Ice Park
46:00- Minnesota Climbers Association
48:52- Impetus for forming the MCA
53:50- Challenges and opportunities for being a state-level climbing organization
57:28- Working with state land managers
1:01:42- Collaboration with other Midwestern LCOs
1:03:38- 2019 Midwest Climbing Advocacy Summit
1:07:29- Kendra’s favorite successes
1:14:04- Kendra’s definition of advocacy

Minnesota Climbers Association: https://www.mnclimbers.org/

MCA’s Instagram: @mnclimbersassociation

Kendra’s Instagram: @kendrastritch

Sandstone Ice Park: https://sandstoneicefest.com/index.php/ice-park-access/