Episode #10

Credit Photo Courtesy of:
Brian Poon


About this Episode

My guest today is Brian Tickle, Access Fund’s Texas regional director. The Texas Legislature was entering their session in January when I first had Brian on, and now that the session has ended we wanted to chat again about the outcomes. Brian and Access Fund had their plates full working on influencing policy surrounding funding for state parks and Texas’s recreational use statute. Brian’s work has since expanded from when we first chatted, and now his scope includes Arkansas and Oklahoma.


Funding for state parks: https://www.accessfund.org/news-and-events/news/access-fund-lobbies-for-increased-funding-for-texas-state-parks

Texas Landowner Liability: https://www.accessfund.org/news-and-events/news/texas-adds-rock-climbing-liability-protections-for-landowners