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Andrew Burr

Be Nice

It may seem obvious, but the social ramifications of being a jerk can ruin the climbing experience and reflect poorly on all climbers.

Leave No Trace says it best: “Respect other visitors and protect the quality of their experience.” Strive to be a positive ambassador for climbing through your interactions with others at the crag.

Essential Skills

  • Don’t hog routes or leave ropes up if you aren't using them.
  • If you're sharing space with other climbers, communicate about your intentions.
  • Strike up a conversation—getting to know other climbers is a powerful way to build bridges.
  • If you see a ranger or land manager, say hello. Ask them what their biggest concerns are for the area and how climbers can help.

Be an Upstander, Not a Bystander

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Resource Center

Anatomy of a Responsible Climber

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Making the Transition from Gym to Crag

When transitioning from climbing indoors to outdoors, be prepared to venture outside by gaining awareness and skills to minimize your impact.