Joint Membership Basics

Members are the lifeblood of local climbing organizations, but it can be challenging to manage a membership program. That's why Access Fund has created a program that helps LCOs get a membership program up and running or strengthen an existing membership program — allowing your volunteers to focus on climbing issues. Access Fund gives back over $40,000 to LCOs every year which is funded from over 3,000 members who decided to donate directly to their local crag. It’s non-exclusive to your existing donation or membership programs, making it a no-brainer add-on to your overall fundraising program.

With one donation, members can support the local and national levels. When members join or renew their membership, they'll be able to support their local climbing organization and Access Fund with one easy donation.

Let us do the hard work for you.

We'll manage the membership program so your volunteers don't have to. You'll receive membership information and dollars without having to send out e-mails or letters requesting their support.

Focus on access, conservation, and stewardship of your local crags. Being a part of the joint membership program will allow you to focus on keeping your local climbing areas open, not managing a membership program.

How Joint Membership Works

Here are the key points and features about how the Joint Membership Program works, from pricing and revenue sharing, to how members sign up, to web links and recruitment materials.

  • Membership Forms - Joint members can select your LCO from the drop down on the online membership forms.
  • Events - Events are a proven place for member recruitment and renewals. We want to encourage event sign-ups by providing a “Joint Membership special”. Joint Membership is discounted for the donor and the revenue share is more favorable for you. First, the entry level Joint Membership is reduced to $35 at events. Second, Joint Memberships from events are subject to a 60/40 Access Fund-LCO revenue share. During events this incentivizes new member sign ups and drives a larger portion of member revenue back to the LCO.
  • Recruitment Kit - Each Joint Membership LCO gets a member recruitment kit: an event banner, posters and sign up forms. These are professionally designed pieces that include your LCO's logo. As a one-time kick-off benefit, we pay for and provide this kit to LCOs. Going forward the LCO is responsible for ordering and paying for future print costs.




  • Membership Receipts - Every time a member joins or renews, they will receive a receipt that makes it clear they are now a member of Access Fund as well as the LCO. These are co-branded and co-signed by Access Fund and the leader of your LCO.

    Sample Membership Receipt -

  • Renewal Letters - These letters are co-branded and co-signed and it is sent out to remind members when they are about the expire.

Renewal Letter - Front

Renewal Letter - Back

  • Stickers - We can drop in your LCO’s sticker and/or brochure with our membership packets.
  • Quarterly Revenue and Reporting - Access Fund’s membership department will generate and send your LCO quarterly joint membership payments and membership reports showing current and new joint members.

If your Local Climbing Organization is interested in the Joint Membership program, please contact us at [email protected].