Guidebook Ads

Thank you for your interest in including Access Fund content in your guidebook! We provide authors and publishers with educational content—in the form of one-page ads—that inspire climbers to reduce their impact and protect our treasured climbing areas.

These guidebook ads are one component of a larger education strategy to help climbers better understand how to mitigate their impacts on various climbing environments. The iconography in these ads serve as visual cues to help climbers identify sensitive issues within their climbing environment. You will see these icons on trailhead signs, at gyms, on our website, and in other educational materials. Thank you for supporting this critical education effort.

We offer three ad layouts to choose from, depending on the type of climbing environment you’re writing about: desert, forest, alpine. Please select the appropriate tile below for downloadable files.

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Desert Ad

Characterized by little precipitation and sparse populations, the barren, stark landscape of the desert is uniquely fragile and full of life. This ad features specific minimum impact practices to protect desert climbing environments.

Forest Ad

Characterized by broadleaf deciduous trees and towering evergreens, forests are home to some of our most popular climbing destinations, many of which are located near densely populated metropolitan areas. This ad features specific minimum impact behaviors to protect forested climbing environments.

Alpine Ad

Often referred to as regions that exist above tree-line, the Alpine zone is characterized with rocky talus slopes, dwarfed trees, and limited but unique vegetation. This ad features specific minimum impact practices to protect the rugged, remote, and pristine alpine climbing environment.