Agenda - 2020 Southwest Regional Climbing Advocacy Summit

Day 1 Schedule

8 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Welcome & Round Table:

  • Attendees will have the chance to grab the mic and talk through the issues and successes their communities have seen.

For the rest of the day, attendees can choose one of the two panel options for each session.

Session 1 Topics (choose one):

  • Working with Public Land Managers: Climbing advocates depend on good relationships with land managers for climbing access on public land. Hear from both sides on how successful partnerships are created and maintained.
    Moderator: Erik Murdock/Access Fund Policy Director
    Speakers: Kate McHugh/Wilderness Policy Expert, Gregg Sadek/Coronado National Forest & Santa Catalina Ranger District, John Stieger/guidebook author
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Learn about the different barriers that some climbers face and how the community can address these issues to create a better environment for all climbers.
    Moderator: Taimur Ahmad/Access Fund California Policy Assistant and Diversity Fellow
    Speakers: Amber Wong/Co-Founder of Climbing in Color, Marilu Martinez/Founder of AZ Queer Climbing Collective

Session 2 Topics (choose one):

  • Climbing on Native Lands: This is a discussion on case studies gathered from successful partnerships with tribes who work with recreation groups on how to use the land respectfully.
    Moderator: Erik Murdock/Access Fund Policy Director
    Speakers: Aaron Mike/Access Fund Native Lands Coordinator/Diné, Dr. Len Necefer Ph.D./Assistant Professor University of Arizona/CEO NativesOutdoors, Ashleigh Thompson/Red Lake Ojibwe
  • Climate Change: Panelists will explain how climate change is threatening our climbing areas and the ways that climbers can take action to mitigate its impact.
    Moderator: Chris Winter/Access Fund Executive Director
    Speakers: Zack Guido/University of Arizona, Daniel Ferguson/CLIMAS

Session 3 Topics (choose one):

  • Goverment Relations: Access Fund's Policy Director will discuss the importance of government relations that can be used as a critical tool that improve conditions for climbers and compliment land manager relationships.
    Speaker: Erik Murdock/Access Fund Policy Director
  • LCO Development: Representatives from various local climbing organizations will pass along advice for maintaining a collaborative climbing community and describe the practical components of running a LCO.
    Moderator: Zachary Lesch-Huie/National Affiliate Director & Southeast Regional Director
    Speakers: Cory Quackenbush/Northern Arizona Climbers Coalition, Lora Rivera/Climbing Association of Southern Arizona

Session 4 Topics (choose one):

  • Fixed Anchor Replacement Strategies: The Salt Lake Climbers Alliance (SLCA) is breaking new ground in bolt replacement with the planned launch of a paid rebolting team in 2020. SLCA will share what they are working on, what hurdles still remain, and how this concept could change rebolting efforts. This session is for LCO's tackling rebolting or individuals simply interested in learning more about the latest innovations.
    Moderator: Mike Morin/Access Fund Northeast Regional Director
    Speakers: Steve Grossman/local developer, Jason Hall/Salt Lake Climbers Alliance
  • Raptors and Cliff Ecology: The areas where we climb are home to many species of plants and animals. Learn how cliff ecology and raptors intersect with climbing management.
    Moderator: Katie Goodwin/Access Fund Policy Analyst & California Regional Director
    Speakers: Robert Schorr/Zoologist/Colorado Natural Heritage Program & Director/Climbers for Bat Conservation, Zac Warren/Bat Biologist

Happy Hour:
Join us for a happy hour after the workshops to get to know the other attendees. Access Fund will have a prize draw and several other organizations will be available to talk about their work.

Day 2 Schedule

8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Attendees can choose one of the two workshop options.

  • Stewardship Workshop: Attendees will meet at one of Tucson's crags to analyze what makes up a sustainable resource.
    Speakers: Ty Tyler/Access Fund Stewardship Director, Eric Ruljancich/Climbing Association of Southern Arizona Stewardship Coordinator
  • Fixed Anchor Replacement: This is a hands on class designed to give attendees the chance to work with fixed anchor experts on using bolt removal devices to pull various types of bolts.
    Speakers: Mike Morin/Access Fund Northeast Regional Coordinator, Geir Hundal/Climbing Association of Southern Arizona Vice President